Walk along the south part of 17-mile drive morphs into a forest meander

The Adventurers have a set of rules for their hiking excursions, all based on what they’ve learned over the years. Basic things like always have water, research the route as much as possible before hand, and, of course, making sure the trail is dog friendly.

They got the last one correct this morning when they headed from Carmel Beach north on what they assumed would be walkway adjacent to the 17-mile drive similar to the one that they walked on yesterday going south from Asilomar Beach.

They thought they’d let The Mag have a romp on the beach before going back to the car and getting waters for the 17-mile drive part of their morning but when they saw the stairs leading up from the beach, indicating this was the way to their destination they took it.

But unlike the more southern walking path, this is a trail that took them high up into the Del Monte forest and away from the beach, the expensive homes, and of course the pricey Pebble Beach golf course, who probably didn’t want folks walking adjacent to it unlike the public Monterrey Shores course near Asilomar.

It was a nice hike, just not what they expected, but they made the 4 miles round trip, got hydrated and drove  south to Rocky Point where they can eat outside and look for whales and sea otters, even on a much cooler day than yesterday. The Cioppino is one of the best L has eaten. A lovely second anniversary lunch…

Hike/moderate/4 miles

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1 Response to Walk along the south part of 17-mile drive morphs into a forest meander

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    I remember meeting you two just after your honeymoon in SF! Think we may get there after first of year.

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