Big event of the day was a trip to Happy Hollow

Three and a half is a great age to take little people to Happy Hollow in San Jose, and Kai and Lily were all in the minute they went through the gates. Well, after a bit of a slow start given that many of the zoo animals were in hiding.

It was the the rides that were the big hit, and a nice fellow passenger on Danny the Dragon was good enough to take a family photo. The helicopter ride was another favorite. L rode with Lily and Kai with his Mom.

The other favorite was the huge play structure. Kai was into the slides instantly, and while it took Lily a little more time to get up the courage, she, too, love climbing way up and then picking from among the three choices to come back down.

For the record, the adults were as tired as the kids when they got home…

Photo of Nikki and Kai by Dennis Nugent

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