Getting sort of back to routine with an Adventure Tuesday

Sort of does describe it as today wasn’t a pure Adventure Tuesday as first stop was a check-in with Dr. Hwang at UCSF, a month following L’s cataract surgery.

The verdict: her left eye’s vision is sparkling good and a satisfied physician decreed “we couldn’t have gotten the measurements and outcome lined up any better.” Next decision down the road: Does she get refractive surgery on the right eye to make for total distance vision or keep the intermediary vision she now has.

Noticing how clear the day was from the UCSF medical center, which sits high on a San Francisco hill, the Adventurers, accompanied by The Mag Dog, decided it would be a good day to go for a coast walk, so headed south to one of their favorites, the Devil’s Slide trail.

It’s easy walking as it’s along the road that was often closed during the rainy season when boulders would tumble down upon it. But it’s also a good pull in a couple of places, one, in particular, a 9% grade.

L chose to focus on the shadowy outcome of the Fall sun…

Hike/easy/3 miles

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