Wow – that’s one big Calzone!

The Adventurers enjoyed a nice walk around the Stanford campus this morning but it was their post M-A alumni meeting that got their attention.

As they often do after that meeting, the stopped at Carpaccio, hoping to get a seat at the bar and something light for dinner. But the place was jumping, unusual on a Tuesday night at 8:00 (this is a geezer and family spot where the diners eat early).

So they grabbed a seat adjacent to  the pizza/pie oven, which when they thought about it was probably one of the first of its kind. There were a couple of new faces there and they watched a Calzone being made and decided to try it.

L has been to Carpaccio hundreds of times but never took notice of the Calzone special, which changes weekly. The one they had was filled with cheese, meat balls and fennel sausage. It sat on top of a delicious tomato sauce.

Even in half, it was a lot of food. But they’re glad the tried it…

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