Icons of Pasadena walk on a hot Thanksgiving morning

When the Adventurers got to Pasadena yesterday (after a delightful coastside walk in Santa Barbara where no photos were taken), it was in the mid-to-high 90s. Just yuck and relatively unheard, at least L remembers no such temps in the 20 years she lived there.

So the resolve today was to get up and out relatively early if they were going to get any kind of a walk in before the heat of the day. They headed in the direction of the Arroyo Seco, stopping the at the top with the two iconic Pasadena bridges in the background before walking down on one of the neighborhood-maintained trails.

Once down they walked in back of the Kidspace Children’s Museum where there was a whole lot of innovative structures to interact with like nothing they’d seen before. Seemed most suitable for school-age rather than little kids.

They then made their way up another path that took them to Rosemont and eventually past the Gamble House.

On their home stretch the encountered a bit of a tussle between a homeless man who came shouting after them and two squad cars of Pasadena’s finest. The transient headed down the hill and the police came up empty.

Oh to be in the Southland agains with all of its adventures…

Hike/easy/3 miles

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