Morning walk to Pasadena’s Robinson Memorial before heading north

The Adventurers took one last walk around Pasadena before hitting the road this morning. It was a shorter walk, a loop that included City Hall and All Saints Church, where L worshipped during her South Pasadena years. The City Hall walk took them by the Robinson Memorial, which neither of them had seen. He’s important to L not just as a baseball pioneer but also fellow UCLA alum. Here’s how the website Atlas Obscura describes the Memorial:

“Though Hall of Fame baseball star Jackie Robinson was born in Cairo, Georgia, he spent his formative years in Pasadena, attending John Muir High School and Pasadena Junior College in the city. And while Jackie’s exploits as the man who broke baseball’s color barrier are understandably more well-known, his brother Mack also made sports history during the 1936 Olympic Games, taking the Silver Medal in the 200 meter sprint, behind teammate Jesse Owens.

“This memorial then, pays tribute to both of the Robinson brothers. Jackie looks towards Brooklyn, NY, to symbolize the destiny waiting for him 2,800 miles to the east. His elder brother Mack, who returned home to little fanfare and a city job which was later taken from him in retaliation for black residents going to court to force the desegregation of municipal pools, faces towards City Hall, reflecting his complicated relationship with his home town.”

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