Coyote spotted during a hike in Stulsaft Park

The Adventurers deviated from their usual pattern when they have a Maggie free morning. Instead of hiking in a park that prohibits dogs they visited Stulsaft Park which has a large off leash dog area. They reason: they were up for a short not long hike and the Park is close to the groomers. They’ll be back with The Mag in the future!

The trails are shaded with some good pulls up a number of hills. The highlight was spotting a coyote which was on the other side of a fence. It stayed still and stared at them. In the photo, it’s close to the center just above some red foliage.

D also poised in a chair that was made to look like a Golden Eagle.

Some park history: In 1951, real estate developer Morris Stulsaft gave Redwood City 38 acres for the park that now bears his name. He knew about the mercury deposits in the area, but felt that the City was welcome to them. Redwood City eventually made about $19,000 from cinnabar mining operations in the park. Dedication ceremonies for the park were held on September 6, 1952. In the 60’s, the Park Department cleared and landscaped the tie, developed picnic areas, and constructed a service road, a bridge and restrooms.

Hike/easy to moderate – a number of good pulls up steep hills/2 miles

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