A churchy kind of Sunday starts December

The Adventurers spent the morning through lunch time at Trinity Church where there were lots of activities this morning.

As he has for over 30 years, St. Nicolas, played by Dick Livermore, paid a visit during the service. He talks to the children about who the Bishop of Myra, canonized as St. Nicholas was and he’s many good deeds.

Lunch followed the service with Trinity Hall bursting at the seams. Great to see such a huge turnout. The season of Advent in a liturgical church precludes the singing of Christmas hymns until Christmas, so songbooks were based around for a community sing.

Another resurrected-from-the-past tradition, was making Advent wreaths. As many people did, the ¬†Adventurers chose to talk home their kit and construct it at the kitchen table. Maybe the first Advent wreath L has had since All Saints days…

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