Second day of coastside fun translates to balmy walk to Mavericks

The Adventurers read on their iPhones that it was 37 degrees this morning in Menlo Park, but they were coastside where it was a balmy 60 with no wind.

They started the day with a walk to Cafe Mezza Luna, a sister property to the Italian restaurant they dined last night. They will add it to their Half Moon Bay choices along with Dad’s Luncheonette and San Benito deli.

They then walked along back roads and beach to Mavericks, a stroll where The Mag encountered lots of dogs along the way and got to zoom, zoom, zoom along the sand. They ran into their friend George from Pilates who was there with his wife and friends.

They finished the birthday trip with a stop at the Cozzolino tree lot where L stuck to her guns that a “tiny tree” was sufficient this year. No all day decorating for her. Stephanie Cozzolino snapped their photos. And got a perfect bow on D’s head…

Walk/easy/3.75 miles

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