Annual trip to the City to see the Christmas lights

The Adventurers boarded the 3:00 pm train to San Francisco today for their annual holiday outing to see the lights and decorations.

As they almost always do, the walked downtown from 4th and Townsend where the depot is and a saw the usual assortment of hip and homeless. The late mayor Ed Lee worked hard try to tackle the latter.

Once downtown the found themselves at Neiman Marcus where, as usual, L complained how the fake tree is a pale comparison to the real and magnificent tree that filled that building when is was the City of Paris. That said, the dining room on the 5th floor is one of the best viewing sights in the City. And where else can you order a glass of bubbly along with the restaurant’s delicious popover.

Then it was on for a walk around Union Square and the ice skating rink and the selfie in front of the tree. Their timing was right for the lighting of the menorah, an object that Bill Graham funded and added to the square 42 years ago. When else can you hum along to the dreidel song?

Next stop was to head up the hill a ways to Bush St. where they met John and his posse for a drink at the aptly named Tunnel Top bar that sits atop the Stockton tunnel. For the record, they were the only ones who were not asked for their ID.

Finally, they enjoyed a delicious French dinner at the oh so cute and copy restaurant next door, Bouche. Maybe the best brussel sprouts ever. And they eat a lot of brussel sprouts!

Homeward bound via Lyft, they talked about their excellent adventure…

Walk/easy/2.5 miles

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1 Response to Annual trip to the City to see the Christmas lights

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    Very cool! I remember having lunch with you at Newman Marcus many years ago. We now can take the train from the burbs to downtown Denver, and have done something similar!

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