And finally it’s Christmas! Call if a wrap for 2017

The day started just after sun up for the Adventurers when they headed to Moraga to see what Santa had brought Grace and James as well as deliver their presents. The kiddos were pretty keyed up and, to be honest, are at the age, where it’s unwrap one present after another in rapid time.

James did get a little stuck when D got his giant but fairly benign Nerf gun assembles and ready to shoot.

They came home for a little rest and relaxation, although the close game the Warriors played against the Cavaliers provided little of the latter.

It was then up to Cathy and Mike for their annual family Christmas dinner, which actually didn’t expand this year, with 4-year-old Jordan being the youngest in attendance (and the only boy besides James.)

Grace hung at the kids’ table with Madeline whose just a year older but is taller – and given that Grace is tall that says a lot. (For the record, her grandfather on her mother’s side is very tall.)

James entertained everyone with tricks from his new magic kit.

The table was beautiful as always. and all the kids in attendance were incredibly good. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful extended family…

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