Well, Christmas may be over but the party continues

You’d have thought they’d all would have had enough. And truth is they probably have. But it’s not every day that Terri and Tom, who live in Arizona (most of the time) are in town, so it was rally the troops for a dinner out at hotspot Westlake Joes.

L has known (left to right) Cathy since 7th grade, Terye since 2nd grade and Terri since 1st grade. Tom also went to Hillview School and there’s a faint notion that she took swimming lessons at his house around 5 or 6. That’s old friends.

Old enough to toast belatedly on occasion of her 70th birthday. Tom, who somehow got corrupted when he went south to school unlike L who kept her loyalties straight, wrapped his gifts to her in Dodger and USC wrapping paper. Such a guy…

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