The holiday fun continues with a trip to San Francisco Zoo

The Adventurers travelled to Moraga this morning to pick up grandkids Grace and James for a two-day overnight while they were on winter break.

As they headed north on 280 and than 101, the idea of going to San Francisco Zoo became a chilly thought, given the thick fog, unusual for this time of year. But the good news is that by the time they got to the zoo, the fog had lifted and they were greeted by sunny skies.

This zoo is a big deal to L who went there very frequently as a child as her mother’s relatives lived nearby. But D also went there as child, so always nostalgia for them both. They’d taken James there when he was about three, but had never been there with both grandkids.

There are remnants of what they know as there old zoo, but it’s been transformed into a modern zoo with more expansive enclosures for the animals. While Monkey Island is gone, there’s a gorilla enclosure that’s bigger and better. And while they presumed the old structures that they’d known as kids would be demolished, a couple of zoo workers told them that most were being re-purposed into other uses.

It was a lovely day, and interesting that most of the photos didn’t have real ¬†animals. But that is what is one of the “new” zoo’s coolest features, there are lots of stature animals to climb around on.

The Adventurers were pleased, in particular, that the grandkids agreed that a highlight was riding Mr. Putter, the steam engine train that’s been delighting visitors since they were kids…

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