It’s a girls together/boys together morning

Let’s just say that when Julie warned us that Grace and James were getting on each other’s nerves as the winter break lingered on, she was correct. There’s been a bit of squabbling off  and on during this stay.

So L and D took a divide and conquer approach this morning. L and Grace walked Maggie. The big game was Maggie chasing Grace in the long puddles in the gutter.

Then they went to get their nails done. Salon owner Helen couldn’t believe how the little girl she remembers turned into a big girl. And L should have taken a photo of Grace’s bright orange nails with a flower on each thumb! Very fancy.

D took James to the PGA Shop and bought his a wedge golf club. His first. They then stopped at the Stanford driving range to hit a bucket of balls (Booka is smiling!). But there’s was more success when they came home and D rigged up mini driving range in the backyard. James learned the first lesson, you don’t have to swing hard to make the ball go.

After one last scooter down to the schoolyard and an largely uneaten picnic lunch, Julie arrived to get them. It was a good visit.

But the Adventurers are ready for some down time…

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1 Response to It’s a girls together/boys together morning

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    Good work, grandparents!

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