Spur of the moment trip to go kayaking at Elkhorn Slough on New Year’s Day

The Adventurers started thinking about heading to the Central Coast to kayak Elkhorn Slough on New Year’s Eve. Today they put the plan in motion, including the decision to spend the night in Santa Cruz tonight rather than come home.

While their bundled up state somewhat belies it, it was a almost windless with temperatures in the low 60s, so a beautiful day to be out on the water, at least weather wise. The problem they encountered was paddling against what the marine folks labeled a “flood tide” going from the launch point, then under the bridge toward the slough.

D and the Mag managed to get there but L kept paddling, feeling she was getting no where. But she persevered and finally got into the slough to an area that was somewhat shielded from the tide but a finger of land sticking out. Note: the happy faces photos are when they go to this relatively calm space. And, of course, it’s hard not to smile at the cute sea otters that keep them company along the way.

As always, they lunched at the Haute Enchilada after their paddle, this time both dining on the New Year’s Day special of braised goat (substituting for the black-eyed-peas and pork Frances always insisted on serving for New Year’s for good luck.

Driving north to Santa Cruz, they checked into their kind of groovy hotel, the Paradox, part of Marriot’s Autograph Collection (quite nice; they’d go back), before heading to downtown Santa Cruz for dinner at an Irish Pub.

An excellent start to 2018…

Kayak/difficult/1.5 miles

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