Looking at other kinds of wildlife with a walk along the San Lorenzo River

Hotel Paradox, where the Adventurers spent the night, is located just a couple of blocks from spruced up downtown Santa Cruz’s shops and restaurants. But getting there involves navigating dozens of homeless and/or IV drug users as well as a homeless camp that has been sanctioned – at least so far – by the city of Santa Cruz.

That didn’t deter them from their walk along the San Lorenzo River to the Pacific Ocean, which is also the start of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, silent, at least on this Tuesday morning.

There’s a walking/bike path along the River, which D described as “having a kind of grungy beauty.” They’ve taken so many river walks, and this one was, well, it got their needed mileage for the day.

They walked parallel to the Boardwalk before heading out along the Santa Cruz Pier. (Note: both boardwalk area and pier are supposedly “no dogs,” but nobody was paying any attention to them today.

The pier was host to another group of homeless, this time sea lions who lounge around it much like their brothers and sisters do at San Francisco’s Pier 42.

They headed back through downtown, stopping to get some lunch before hitting the road back to Menlo Park. A very satisfactory overnight…

Walk/easy/5 miles


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