Resuming the tradition of watching the Bruins play at Stanford

Ever since L moved back to Menlo Park, she’s been going to watch her Bruins play at Maples Pavilion against the Stanford Cardinal.

For years, a former colleague who she’d worked with briefly and who was a member of the Buck Cardinal Club would pick her up and take her to the game.

More recently, she’s been going with D, sometimes joined by John and/or John and Julie (for the memorable time they got floor seats.) But last year, that tradition hit a snag. The Bruins did not play a game up north.

So off they went tonight with L’s hopes very high because, on paper, the Bruins are the superior team.

But then you have to play the game. The Bruins were up by as much as 11 points but squandered that lead in the fourth quarter, sending the game into double overtime. And, alas, a four point Stanford victory.

At least the Adventurers got to see their “main man” Thomas Welch (shooting a free throw) play (even though his missed almost the first half with what looked like a broken nose…

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