Up to the City for a double birthday party

The Adventurers headed to the City mid-afternoon today for a party at Michael, Jr’s house, a celebration of his and his mother’s birthday. Of course they’ll get to celebrate all over again when they are in Thailand for Sally’s real birthday, Jan 16.

The City had calmed down a bit from the holiday frenzy. It was a nice clear day and as they looked for parking along Post St., the new Saleforce Tower loomed on the horizon.

When completed, the tower will be the tallest in San Francisco. With a top roof height of 970 feet (296 m) and an overall height of 1,070 feet (326 m), it will be the second-tallest building west of the Mississippi River after the Wilshire Grand Center in Los Angeles. The Transamerica Pyramid used to the City’s tallest building. And it’s the perspective of the photo that makes the BankAmerica building look equal to the new Tower.

From Wikipedia: “The crown of the tower, once completed, will feature a nine-story electronic sculpture created by artist Jim Campbell that will feature low resolution, abstract videos of San Francisco that will be filmed each day. This will be the tallest public art piece in the world.”

Back to the party, Michael (middle in photo) and Adel’s apartment is filled with things they’ve collected at flea markets and on their Asia trips. It’s clear that Michael Jr inherited the creativity of her very clever father. Sort of like daughter Kathleen (far right) inherited her mother’s good looks!

A special treat for L was to see Sally’s older sister, Susan, who she probably last saw some 20 years ago at their mother’s memorial service. Her blue eyes are as beautiful as ever…

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1 Response to Up to the City for a double birthday party

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    What fun, and thanks for the update on the Salesforce Tower. Always a treat to visit friends in the City. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Hoping to get up north in. February, so will keep you posted. We keep darting to SoCal, DC, and NoCal, but this December, we stayed put, and it was very restful!

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