Life along the Kokhett Canal in Amphawa town

Driving through Bangkok with its mix of spectacular skyscrapers and shanties, it was hard to believe jungle still existed just an hour or so away.

Bangkok seems, at least as seen from the highway, a sprawling Asian version of LA. It just goes on and on and on. Some of the architecture is really amazing. Some a little bizarre. It exists right next to variety of shanty towns, some that looked like they were offering some kind of commerce. As the populace began to yield to salt ponds, the roadway became lined with stands selling salt in tubes the shape of cotton candy.

About an hour and half, the drive did a U-turn on the highway (there are places provided), and entered another world, one that was all water and jungle.

Their destination was Michael Jr.’s hoe in Amphawa town where his parents Sally and Michael Sr. are visiting. Soon there will be birthday celebration for Sally, one reason for their visit.

The house is beautiful inside and out and sits alongside the Kokhett Canal. All sorts of boats go by, including one selling ice creams. Of course, there’s the pool to take a dip in and sunbathe. The extra bonus, it’s relatively mild with little humidity.

More adventures start tomorrow…

Airport walking/easy/two miles

Photo of ice cream seller by Dennis Nugent (c)2018

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