Going by long boat to the Amphawa floating market

Late this afternoon, the Adventurers, along with Sally, Michaels Sr. and Jr., boarded a long boat for the journey along the canal, eventually crossing the Mae Klong River, before coming to the Amphawa floating market, the most popular in Thailand.

It’s huge, around 50 kilometers long, and like nothing either of them had seen in their life, and, quite probably, ever will again.

The market is open Fridays though Sundays and a major tourist destination for people who live in Bangkok. They spotted only a couple dozen other Anglos like themselves, and, in one case, L was greeted by three giggling girls who pointed to her height. That was something that happened years ago when she was in Shanghai.

There is everything for sale under the sun at the market, but getting there is also part of the experience. They passed homes, old and new, many of which D took photos of as possible future paintings.

The market is on two levels. There are stalls in old teak buildings that line the water as well as merchants selling goods from their boats in the water. While there are a ton of what can only be considered souvenirs, there is also a tremendous variety of every food imaginable – both prepared and raw. Some is enticing to the Western eye, other less so, but almost all photo worthy.

Their long boat driver took them on the tour of the market before dropping them off at a dock near where the would dine. They then walked a mile loop exploring the stalls more closely. They thought how much James and Grace would have loved looking at all the “stuff.”

Dinner followed at a lovely riverside restaurant where they enjoyed a mostly seafood meal. Life in Amphawa is very good…

Walk/easy/one mile

Photos of squid and fish by Linda Hubbard; photos of motor on long boat, blue house, and temple by Dennis Nugent (c) 2018

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