Kayaking the Kokhett Canal in Amphawa town

After dedicating the morning to a two-hour massage (just just $16 a piece), the Adventurers took to the water with Michael Jr. in the afternoon for a kayak exploration of the Kokhett Canal. They passed by a variety of dwellings from ornate to humble. And got a taste of the jungle as they passed through a large coconut plantation.

It was a serene paddle, except for the occasional dogs barking. The dogs, by the way, all looked like they came from some original pair, so similar they were in size and body. Most guarded their property with a degree of ferocity. A few were smart enough to realize the three kayakers had been by once before, and just lifted their head.

Except for the journey by kayak to the indigenous people’s village in Panama, they had never been to such a wild place…

Kayak/easy/three miles

Top photo by Michael Lussier Sr.; all other photos by Dennis Nugent (c) 2018

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