A walk to the market at the monastery starts Wednesday morning

While D, Michael Jr. and L had paddled by the market at the monastery across the river from Michael Jr., L didn’t know it was a daily deal until it became the suggested walk early in the morning before heading to the Bangkok airport for their flight to Chiang Mai.

Not only was the walk mainly in the shade, it’s relatively cool in the morning making the trip pleasant. The Adventurers and Michael Sr. stopped for a shadowy as L’s insistence.

The  market was bustling, particularly as it’s relatively in the middle of no where. At toe time, all shoppers came by boat but now scooters, bikes and cars predominate.

L once again wondered about who buys/needs/wants some of the stuff for sale. She gets the fish, meat, produce, rice, clothes etc. But what’s with all the trinkets…

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