Strolling the streets of old Chiang Mai will all its sights and smells

Today the Adventurers set out on foot to explore Chiang Mai. The hailed a tuk tuk, a motorized three-wheeled vehicle, which took them to the iron bridge where their walk began over the Mae Ping River.

It has the makings of the Seine – maybe – but there was very little river traffic, a bit surprising given that it was the high season. And L isn’t sure there is much to see along it, unlike the Seine.

The made their among the back streets just off the river and then crossed back over where the daily flower market was taking place. It was a wow and they only scratch the surface.

Next stop was the old city of Chiang Mai, which is chock o block with temples. It was once a walled city and vestiges of the old wall remain. To be honest, they managed to visit one. They are all lovely and glistening, but they both agree, somewhat to their embarrassment, if you’ve seen one temple, you’ve seen them all.

For lunch, they went down what they would call an alley but called a soi in Thai to a hole in the wall restaurant reported to have some of the best food in in the city. It has two names, Annandmoms Cafe as well as Kanyana (or something like that). Good food and very funky, just like they like…

Walk/easy/four miles

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