Butt kicker of an uphill hike followed by an afternoon at the spa

There’s really only one way to walk at Panviman and that’s up, so that’s what the Adventurers did this morning. There were at least three steep “wedges” that required some traversing rather than a straight shot up.

Once back around the hotel itself, they did a full exploration of the grounds. The place is chock-a-block with family-focused activities, and they commented a number of times how much James, in particular, would have enjoyed things. Gracie, too, given her imagination. But to them, it’s all a bit cheesy, although not without charm and imagination. Take the meditation cave (photo right).

All this was in preparation for something neither of them had ever done before, have a three-hour spa experience. Their choice: 45-minute foot massage, 45-minute body scrub, 45-minute Thai massage. L rounded out her day with a facial while D picked a head/neck rub. It was all professionally executed, set amidst beautiful buildings (top photo).

And maybe just the relaxation they needed on what’s been a pretty jam-packed vacation…

Hike/moderate/2.6 miles

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