Plane/car/long boat: the island part of Thailand adventure

The Adventurers left Chiang Mai by air today, flying to the southern area of Thailand famous for its beaches. And while they landed in Krabi, one of the two big resort towns (the other being Phuket), a driver picked them up for the second leg of their journey.

He dropped them at a bay amidst a sea of monkeys – surprise! – where they boarded a long boat that wasn’t as pretty as the one L photographed that was docked nearby. It was then out on the water for their final leg of their trip.

Sprinkled throughout the water were limestone formations that D, in particular, had been interested in. It was a bit like being in a James Bond movie, and evidently one was filmed with the formations as backdrop.

They’re called “koh,” which means island in Thai, although most can’t be accessed due to their rocky and rugged terrain. They do make fabulous photo subjects and D got the photographer of the day award for his shot of one koh (top) along with the photo of where they landed at Koyoa Island Resort, a bit of paradise here on earth.

Their home for the next four nights is an indoor/outdoor beach cottage (yea, the resort calls them villas but their more cottages in size) that has an outdoor living room, an outdoor shower and an indoor bedroom with a mosquito-net outfitted bed.

They enjoyed happy hour followed by dinner. And then Yatzee while a thunderstorm raged outside. Ah, the good life…

Top and bottom photo by Dennis Nugent (c) 2018

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