Getting some mileage in on a walk to the local town

There’s an easy way to get labeled “crazy Americans” when in Thailand: Explain to the staff that you don’t need transportation into town as you’re planning on walking there.

D had calculated a bit over 4 miles. When they stopped at the Chaba Cafe just across the street from their edge of the resort, owner Karen, Swiss by birth, thought it a bit longer – and was right.

Good news was that there was either shade or overcast for most of the way. They nevertheless got very warm and sticky and were a bit sorry they hadn’t worn their bathing suits as a dip in the Bay would have been refreshing.

Reaching town, L tried to do a little shopping at the market, but it was too hot and she may come home without a Thai dress or shirt or something. On Karen’s recommendation, the had a tasty meal at the Garden Cafe whose owner arranged for transportation back to Karen’s where they bought some wine for the evening.

What they both agreed is that you see things walking that you wouldn’t on a scooter, the island’s favorite transportation mode…

Walk/moderate due to some ups and down and the temperature/5.5 miles

Top photo by Dennis Nugent (c)2018

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