Morning adventure though rubber tree forest to Muslim village

The Adventurers set out on foot after breakfast this morning in the same direction that they paddled to yesterday with the Tha Khao Pier as there final destination.

Along the way the walked through a rubber tree plantation which D investigated. Then a side excursion to a water fall where they walked with a couple from Sweden.

They stopped at the first store when reaching the village and were waited on by lovely Muslim woman and her cute daughter. D got his sarong and L a top – among their only purchases on this trip.

Continuing on into the center of the village, they realized it was  Muslim village. There they met Chit (sp?) and his family at a cafe where they enjoyed drinks of green tea (L) and pineapple smoothie (D). There was no alcohol served in any of the cafes.

L has been mildly obsessed with traveling to a Muslim country and one of the surprises of Koh Yao Noi is its Muslim population. She could have asked the women a hundred questions but, of course, refrained.

Chit drove them back to the resort. He was thoughtful enough to stop at a small grocery store, remembering that we’d first requested Singha. How polite and considerate.

L loved the kitten that was lounging in the cafe. And also the women reading a book across from the cafe…

Hike/easy/2.7 miles

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