Quiet dawn on an island followed by bustling afternoon/evening in Bangkok

The Adventurers journey started very early this morning, leaving Koyao Island Resort by long boat at 6:30 am for the two hour trip to Phuket airport for their flight to Bangkok. At it yielded one of the prettiest photos of their trip.

They didn’t see much of Phuket but just enough to determine it would not be one of their future travel destination. Lots of glitz and pseudo glitzy people.

The first snafu of the trip happened at the Bangkok airport where they were informed their luggage had not made the flight (so much for much awarded Thai Airlines and having priority tags). Thai Air promised a speedy delivery to their hotel when they arrived.

Before all of this drama, the grabbed lunch – cheeseburgers – at the Lobby Bar of oh-so-divine Peninsula Hotel (thanks Michael Jr and Cathy for letting the Adventurers know it’s a “must stay).

Then it was off to see a few of Bangkok’s biggest sites, including the world famous reclining Buddha at the Wat Po temple. Alas, it was only possible to capture his sleeping head.

Now back to the luggage saga: At least they thought both of their bags hadn’t made it. After hours spent with the great concierge and many calls, it as determined that it was D’s bag the hadn’t made it and L’s bag was still at the airport. They did eventually get both, but they had no clothes so ordered room service and watched the boats go by beneath on the Chaya Phraya river below. This was the near perfect room and view to be stranded in.

And how else to end an evening but a game of Yahtzee on their balcony. For the record, L couldn’t get the song One Night in Bangkok out of her mind, a real ear worm…

Walk/easy but hot/2.75 miles

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1 Response to Quiet dawn on an island followed by bustling afternoon/evening in Bangkok

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    Wonderful way to end the trip fireworks and Yahtzee in your fabulous hotel! Glad you got to see the reclining Buddha too. Your luggage snafu sounds like some of ours! Safe travels as you wend your way home!

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