Bundle up and hike Windy Hill is the call of the day

Mag and D looking out from Windy trail - 1

Friday, Feb. 23: OK, L is not a climate change expert, but she does remember a lot more frosty days when  she first moved back to Menlo Park in 1990. That meant chilly hikes, then mostly on the weekends due to work obligations.

Of course, the Adventurers have no such obligations (well, much reduced, to be accurate) so they have to rally themselves to hit the trails when the temperature is still in the high 40s mid-morning. That, of course, is balmy to some of their Midwest and East Coast friends.

Today, the decided to tackle Windy Hill, but not in the way they usually do it, which is a loop hike that’s about eight miles and beats them up pretty badly due to both distance and elevation gained.

Instead they went up and back on the Spring Hill trail. That gave them lots of uphill work. Of course, The Mag is a gamer and gets lots of attention from the hikers who have much bigger dogs. And, we must mention, it was another spectacularly clear day…

Hike/moderate/5 miles

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1 Response to Bundle up and hike Windy Hill is the call of the day

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    Hey Linda,
    What kind of walking sticks do you have? I’m contemplating them for the first time, and wondered how you liked yours. G
    Ps. Off to Santa Monica for a. Lee ration of Life for mynAunt Louise. Then staying home for a while,

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