One last stop at The Oasis – or is it?

L and A at Oasis - 1

The hottest story in Menlo Park for the past two weeks has been that The Oasis is set to close tomorrow, March 7. The current operators, the Tougas family, says its been unable to structure a new lease from the owners of the building, the Beltramos, who just happen to be one of Menlo Park’s oldest family. It’s caused quite a “to do” with lots of finger pointing, and unfortunately some nasty words.

L can remember the Oasis from way, way back when her father would go there to plan the Dad’s Club BBQ with other fathers from Hillview School. Then in December 1968, went with her good friend Alice (picture top right today) and ordered her first legal beverage; they both had turned 21 earlier in the month.

M-A folks at O_better shot - 1

She hung out there a lot during her junior year at UCLA when she was home frequently to visit her local boyfriend. And it is their initials that are carved somewhere in some booth.

This morning a group of M-A classmates when right when it opened and almost immediately ran into a woman who was a year behind them. Small world. And how ironic that Alice is in town from Kansas City to hoist one [maybe] last beer.

Now time will tell if the O comes back to life and what that new life looks like…

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