Rainy day walk around Stow Lake

Mag looks at duck in Stow Lake - 1

As is their custom when L has an eye doctor appointment in the City, the Adventurers pick some kind of walk to do.

Stow Lake ducks - 1This morning a number of their first choices were rained out, but they recalled that there is a paved path around Stow Lake, so they put on rain gear and off they went.

Maggie doesn’t like the rain but she loves the water (go figure). So by jumping in the lake almost immediately, the was wet enough to not really feel the rain drops. She’s interested in both the ducks and geese but is restrained from tormenting the water fowl, most of which are bigger than her.

With the rain letting up, they ventured over a bridge to the inner island with its somewhat hokey fake waterfalls and such. They didn’t seem hokey when L was a little girl and Golden Gate Park was her playground when visiting the Reid relatives in the City.

Alas, if only the doctor’s appointment was as pleasurable as the stroll around the lake. An all time long wait of three hours before seeing “the man.” But at least his current resident was competent and charming…

Walk/easy/3 1/4 miles

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