Now it’s the grand-twins turn for a visit

Kai and Lilly in costume_Friday nite - 1The Adventurers headed down Interstate 5 in the rain this morning (well actually most of the rain was on 101 and the Pacheco Pass road) with destination Pasadena where they would be on hand to celebrate grand twins Kai and Lily’s fourth birthday.

The Pi Day twins had actually turned four on March 14. The Adventurers were there in Salt Lake City just a day after they were born and make an effort to visit them three or four times a year so they know how their Northern California grand parents are.

Four can be terrible (the worst preschool year on son John’s early life) or goofy and mostly the twins are on the goofy side.

Do worked on the Legos Star Wars toy they’d given Kai along with Nikki the master builder while L when to the playroom to do some art with Lily.

Oh, and they are also into costumes, just like another four-year-old I remember. Hello John Getze…

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