Hiking Irish Hills before the rain came

Mag and L hiking up Irish Hills - 1

Rain was predicted up and down California today, but the Adventurers got on the road earlier enough to beat it, at least in San Luis Obispo where they stopped for a hike at Irish Hills open space, well named, at least this time of the year, due to all the surrounding green.

It was a bit a a butt kicker on the way up, with some navigating necessary around rocks and roots. It would have been easier to do with poles, but, alas, they were left at home as no expectations of real hiking when they left Menlo Park days ago. New rule: always bring poles as you never know!

atop Irish Hills - 1

The views from the top were beautiful. They decided they could almost live in SLO, and at least entertain the idea of coming and staying for a couple of weeks. Lots of hiking, wineries and good spots to eat.

On the road again, they rain held off to Gonzalez and then poured all the way to San Jose. D did all the driving, bless him…

Hike/moderate/2.5 miles

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