Escaping to a close-to-home forbidden paradise

Boronda Lake at Foothills - 1

The Adventurers and The Mag ventured to a close by forbidden paradise this morning, that being Foothills Park, which is technically open only to residents of Palo Alto.

But they’d gotten a tip that the rule was only enforced on the weekends, when there was entrance was staffed. And why would then go on a weekend when no dogs are allowed.

It’s a huge park that L found hard to get a handle on, even though she new were it was located on the map. There are numerous valleys and lots of up and down, which by the looks of the trail, few visitors used.

hiking at Foothills - 1

They got a good workout by going down, then up, then down and up back to where their car was parked, passing pretty Boronda Lake, where The Mag insisted on taking a dip.

It was the perfect spring day and the park was filled with wildflowers. All in all a good decision before they head out to their more distant adventure…

Hike/moderate with some tough uphill pulls/4.6 miles

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1 Response to Escaping to a close-to-home forbidden paradise

  1. Ginger says:

    Where is your more distant adventure? Going out of the country? Do tell!

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