Scooting/walking along the shores of Lake Chabot with the kiddos

Grace and James scooter down the hill - 1

Today began a three-day visit with the grandkids, aka the kiddos as they are usually  called.

James on the pay phone - 1The Adventurers and The Mag headed over to Moraga after rush hour to pick them up with the idea that they’d all visit Lake Chabot, which had paved pathways that sounded perfect for scooting (the kiddos) and walking (the Adventurers and Maggie).

What struck L was how she’d missed this great park before now. It was in its gorgeous spring green version and there was just enough up and down to provide a bit of workout and perfect exciting scooting for the kiddos.

One fun point was when James discovered a pay phone which he evidently had never seen before. He said, “Do you mean you have to pay to call someone?” That mobile phones also cost money was understandably lost on him.

They enjoyed a lunch at the Cafe which actually had real food, cooked to order.

It’s nine miles around the lake. The Adventurers think they will be back. And the kiddos want to return for some boating…

Walk/some up and down/3.5 miles

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