Rainy day activities keep everyone busy

James working on coloroing - 1

The Adventurers and the kiddos all knew today was going to be a rainy day, and they’d planned some morning activities, which included “the girls” going to get their nails done and “the boys” going out for art supplies.

two cooks in the house - 1They reconvened after lunch for a cooking lesson in preparation for tomorrow’s dinner. D had long wanted to know how to make beef brisket the traditional Passover way, and Pilates teacher Lisa was happy to be the teacher. The kiddos jumped in with carrot peeling and onion stirring, among other duties.

Then it was time for art, both working on the big art project that had been a gift from fairy godmother Cathy as well as some stenciling projects that D organized.  James pointed out that he put the hamburger in the his drawing of the saber tooth tiger so he could take it to school to share, explaining the red coming out of the tiger’s mouth was catsup, not blood. This kid has imagination!

The other fun activity was figuring out what the $20 bill L had gotten from the ATM at the bank today had been stamped “Stamp $$$ out of politics” on it. Turns out it’s a whole movement organized by one of the Ben & Jerry founders called The Stampede to eliminate big money from political campaigns. It was good fun tracking down all the information.

Tonight it a stay at home evening, which may well mean a rousing game of Yahtzee…

stamped currency - 1

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