A day that went sideways (well, too up) but all good thanks to vibrant Cape Town

D and L hiking Lions Head_hori - 1The Adventurers failed to read the fine print when they set of this morning to hike Lion’s Head. They didn’t see that there was an alternative hike nor did their guide Josh poll the group on what option they preferred. Instead he promised  they’d start the day with a “45-minute hike” up Lion’s Head.

That duration seemed reasonable and setting off on the uphill climb on a broad path was not unlike climbing Windy Hill. They did note that the hiking path was much more crowded than Windy. Crowded was the word that came to mind.

Protea - 1Then came the steps – hundreds of them. And then came the rocky path cut into the hillside. That’s when the Adventurers bailed; L was no longer comfortable.

Their hardy companions made it all the way to the top, using ladders and ropes to make the final ascent. The Adventurers saluted them.

After lunch at the jam-packed Biscuit Factory, which, like yesterday, offered multiple eating options, they headed to the Kirstenbosch Gardens for a lovely stroll. One of the things about traveling in the Southern Hemisphere is that you get to see plants and trees that don’t grow north of the equator. Of course there were all kinds of Protea there (right).

Dinner out was at the fun and jumping Harra’s Grill just down the road from their hotel. It was obviously a local favorite…

Hike/moderate to difficulté/two miles; walk/easy/two miles

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