Kayaking with the penguins, then on to the Cape of Good Hope

kayaking group - 1

Today was one the Adventurers had looked forward to. A chance to kayak and see penguins all on one excursion.

It took awhile to happen, though. Their guide Josh first made an unplanned stop in the surfing village of Muizenberg, where he grew up (and maybe still lives – or one or the other!). He wanted everyone to sample the local bakery, but having just eaten, they weren’t really hungry. They did get to see hundred’s of surfers enjoying the waves at Surfer’s Corner.

penguins in south america - 1And, of all things, L spotted a cyclist wearing a UCLA Bruins jersey (bottom photo). She was curious about where he got it, so went up to talk with him. Whoops – he didn’t have a clue what UCLA was or where it was located!

It was then on to the scheduled stop in Kalk Bay, which resembled a English seaside resort town, and evidently is populated with Enlish ex pats.

The two stops pushed their penguin adventure back from the scheduled 11:00 am start time to 12:30 pm. The tandem boats were the best they’d ever been in, and it was great to be out on the water, even with fighting the wind on their return. The bonus was getting to see the very cute African penguins swimming in the water and hanging out on the rocks.

Next up was the hour or so drive to Cape Point which was wild and windy, making their picnic lunch (at 4:00 pm!) not as enjoyable as advertised.

But seeing the old and new lighthouse and taking in the views from near the top was quite lovely.

It was another long, long day, and the group took a night off from dining together to catch a quick bit and collapse…

cyclist with Bruin shirt - 1

Kayak/from easy to moderate/two miles; Hike/easy/one mile

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