Change of plans for a rainy day in Cape Town

Cape Town breakwater - 1

D at Grand Africa - 1After days of glorious weather, the Adventurers woke up to rain this morning. The planned activity was a day out in the wine region but given the weather – and the fact that one of L’s friends who lives in Honolulu and happened to be in CapeTown, the Adventurers opted to stay in town, letting the rest of their party set off for the Winelands.

They instead headed to town where they met up for a spot of tea with friend Brian, who had spent part of yesterday with Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who is in frail health. L remembers – with fond memories- from the Archbishop’s twice-yearly visits to All Saints Pasadena in the 80s.

They took a nice walk along the breakwater and watched search and rescue training before having lunch at the biggest restaurant they’d ever seen called the Grand Africa Cafe. Given the inclement weather there were few dinners at the place that resembled one of the beach clubs along the French Riviera.

The whole group enjoyed one last dinner at CapeTown at the hotel’s very good Azure restaurant. New adventures begin tomorrow…

Walk/easy/two miles

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