On to the safari, first stop Marataba

landing strip_Marataba_MS - 1

Two airplane flights and a long drive through dirt road in the bush brought the Adventurers to Marataba Trails Lodge, located cliffside in a private reserve in the Marakele National Park (Limpopo, South Africa) amidst the Waterberg Mountains.

rhino_Marataba_MS_small - 1It was the start of their safari portion of their trip, which will be led by Michelle Sole, a British transplant who fell in love with Africa in 2008. Soon after they were in the reserve, they started to see animals – a rhino being the first – from their large and relatively comfortable (given the bumpy road) Land Cruiser. Each couple took turns spotting the wildlife, although D seemed to have a keen eye for hippos and elephants.

Michelle_bar_Marataba_MS - 1Their residence for the next three nights is the Marataba Trails Lodge, part of the MORE lodge experiences. It was designed to be a hiking lodge but the demand for six to seven hour treks into the back country turned out to be limited, and we were told the lodge is transitioning to being called the Marataba Mountain Lodge to distinguish itself from its sister property, the Marataba Safari Lodge located on the valley floor.

After a pause for refreshment, off they went again with Michelle leading the way on their vehicle safari, spotting more game and enjoying drinks at sundown.

After dinner back at the Lodge, they all collapsed. It had been another long day. Do we detect a pattern here….

Photos by Michael Sowerwine (c) 2018 

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