Full day of game viewing at Marataba


elephant at Marataba_solo_hori - 1

Lots of poop! Dung beetles eating poop! Wart hogs, numerous rhino, including a mother and young calf that we awoke at dawn, “our elephant” from yesterday, countless impala, kudu and wildebeest; giraffes and a pair of lions – today’s drives had it all.

rhino and babe_MS_hori_April25 - 1

The knock on the Adventurers’ door came at 5:30 and the sun was just starting to rise when they walked down to the lodge where a light breakfast snack and coffee were waiting.

giraffe drinking_MS_April25 - 1

dung beetle_MS_small_April25 - 1They then piled into their Land Rover, the Adventurers set off for their morning drive led my tracker extraordinaire Michelle Solo.

The great African adventure continued in the afternoon, and the photos say it all, particularly the one with vehicle and elephants that shows how close we are to the wild things…

elephant at Marataba_solo_withvehicle_hori - 1

pair of lions_MS_April25 - 1

marataba_scenic_April25 - 1

girlswithguns_MS_April25 - 1

cocktail time_April25 - 1

Giraffe, dung with beetles, pair of lions, rhino with calf, girls with guns by Michael Sowerwine; all others by Linda Hubbard. (c) 2018 except group shot by Michelle Solo

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1 Response to Full day of game viewing at Marataba

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    Thanks for sharing these! It’s the trip of a lifetime, no?

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