Big night for big game – really up close and coming right at you!

leopard_headon_april28_eve - 1

Guide Simon was heading to another part of the part that they hadn’t seen when he got word that the elusive leopard had been spotted back where they’d just driven from.

male lion_tongue out_april28_eve - 1

It was a Mr. Toad’s wild ride with all the various safari vehicles converging on the spot. The lack of leopard sightings had the guides on edge because Lion Sands and this area of Kruger is known for its leopards.

He was one good looking leopard!

male lion_vehicle_april28_eve - 1

They continued on to where a dead giraffe was where two male lions had been feasting on the remains. The Adventurers safari vehicle same distance to the lion as the other vehicle. How close you get to animals and how they don’t seem to mind the vehicles is a surprise to L.

crocodile_april28_eve - 1

Oh, and there was the crocodile along the way…

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