Sports extravaganza with the kiddos

James _good play_May 10_hori - 1

Not only did the Adventurers want to catch up with the kiddos, this would be the only opportunity to see both James and Grace playing their respective T-ball/softball activities with some volleyball – new for Grace – thrown in.

So after a quick round the block walk with The Mag, they headed to Moraga.

James with shark's tooth_May 10 - 1First up was James’ T-ball game. The coach was patient with each batter, t-ing the ball just so, giving the batter a good chance of making contact and putting it in play. James has less trouble than some of the smaller, younger batters.

Then it was off to Gracie’s softball game. This year the girl’s are pitching, at least until it gets to a certain count when the coach takes over so that, again, the batters can make contact. It was an high-scoring game with Grace getting on base each time thanks to her good hitting.

Final stop was some volleyball, a new for Grace sport. She’s on a team of 4th and 5th graders but was nevertheless one of the taller girls. And she showed she had the ability to serve.

Grace at bat_makes contact_May 10_hori - 1

The big event of the day was giving them the little trinkets they’d brought back from Africa. The shark’s tooth was deemed “best gift ever” by James.

Going home, they took a back way through some beautiful open country. Yep, D still loves those backroads…

Grace on field_May 10_hori - 1

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