Something different – again – this time hiking at Pleasanton Ridge

D and the Mag lean in - 1

When D suggested again “let’s go somewhere different” this morning and unearthed dog-friendly Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park, L was initially less than enthused. Pleasanton seemed a long ways away for a couple hour hike.

L and the Mag in front of olive grove - 1But she soon learned that there were two sections to this long, fairly skinny open space, and they were going to the one closer to Sunol. That meant the pretty drive through Niles Canyon, and lunch in Niles at their favorite pizza joint, Bronco Billy’s.

Pleasanton Ridge is a pretty park with wide open spaces along with oak woodlands. They even came across an old olive grove about halfway up to the top of the ridge. They learned the trees were planted between 1890 and the 1920s and are still producing olives.

Hiking up and down and up and down again, the views were tremendous. And in an area which can be quite hot during the summer, the temperature was prefect hiking weather…

Pleasanton Ridge panorama shot - 1

Hike/moderate/4 miles

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