On a something different roll, this time to Uvas Canyon

D and the Mag in madrone forest - 1

L and the Mag in oak woodland - 1The Adventurers had a Friday with no commitments, so decided to do a joint activity. Their chosen destination was Uvas Canyon, a lushly wooded park of more than 1,200 acres on the eastern side of the Santa Cruz Mountains. D has heard of it over the years and never been; L went 20 or so years ago during the Cassie era.

It’s a bit of journey getting there with lots of backroad driving, which makes it feel you are even further away from civilization than you are. Just before entering the park, you drive on a one-lane road through Sveadal, which was founded in 1939 by the Swedish American Patriotic League. Most of the cabins are pre-war, given it a time-stamp feel.

waterfall at Uvas - 1Their chosen hike was loop of just over four miles that included a long stretch of up followed by an almost equal distance down. Most of it on well-groomed trails, some of them a bit skinny with a significant drop off. That’s where hiking poles come in handy.

One section vexed L, in particular where the trail crossed Swanson Creek, requiring some boulder hopping, never her strength. She did get to text that her hiking boots are completely waterproof!

The payoff for the day was a series of waterfalls, kind of like being in a small scale Yosemite with lots of cascades in between. Oh, and it rained/sprinkled almost the entire time, which made the madrone trees particularly shiny.

Afterwards they lunched at the Cinnabar Golf clubhouse, because D had heard of it and wanted to check it out. They continued on a back road toward the Almaden section of San Jose, which just happened to take them by a Total Wine store. Of course, they stopped…

moss covered tree roots - 1

Hike/moderate/4.1 miles

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