Greeting a hot Saturday morning with a walk around Lake Merritt

The Mag and D at Lake Merritt - 1

tree filled with bird's nests - 1The Adventurers had a fundraiser to attend in Piedmont today, so they decided to set out early and walk around Lake Merritt on the way.

L had done this quite a few times when Julie and John lived in a great pre-war apartment just up the hill from the Lake. And while L and D had paddled on the Lake, D had never walked around it.

It was a beautiful, sunny morning – actually hot for Oakland. But there were good shade breaks, great people watching, not to mention lots of interesting architecture to capture their interest. Then there was a tree full of Cormorant nests. Neither had seen anything like it!

They then headed over to the fundraiser for ALS research in support of their Africa traveling companion Mike. Maggie took part in a first for her – walking the red carpet! All dogs got ribbons and treats…

Mag walks the red carpet - 1

Walk/easy/3.6 miles

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