Walk around Menlo Park brings back long ago pool memories

shadowy by Burgess Pool - 1The Adventurers dropped D’s car off at the Chevron station for servicing this morning and decided to walk to breakfast at Tootsie’s near the Stanford Shopping Center.

They wanted to stay off of busy El Camino Real, so dropped down to Laurel. That took them past Burgess Pool, where D once worked during the same period that L worked at the M-A pool.

He reflected on Facebook: “Walking in Menlo Park yesterday morning. Stopped by the “New and Improved Burgess Pool”. Fifty years ago plus, I was a lifeguard and manager at the old Burgess Pool. I hired one of my swimming buddies from Menlo Atherton High School to work as our cashier/locker room attendant. He would occasionally play his guitar during his shifts. From Burgess, for most of my adult life I continued to work in aquatics. My former swimming buddy, named Lindsay Buckingham, continues to play his guitar! The venues, however are more impressive.”

Continuing on Alma, they got to their breakfast destination, Tootsie’s, around the three mile mark, which made for a nice 4.5 mile loop…

Walk/easy/4.5 miles

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