Yet another new park, this time Stevens Creek in Saratoga

D and the Mag on bridge at Stevens Creek Park - 1

L continues to be amazed at the fact that she missed the many dog-friendly parks in Santa Clara County during the Cassie years, but the Adventurers are working to get them notched off their hiking list one by one.

The morning it was a hike at the 1,000-acre plus Stevens Creek Park, which started out next to the reservoir of the same name along the Tony Look Trail. Maggie desperately wanted to dip but not only is reservoir off limits to swimming for both humans and animals, there was a steep descent to get to it.

kids playing near Stevens Creek reservoir - 1

About three miles into what D had mapped out to be about a five-mile hike, they realized they were in for a much longer outing if the continued to do the up and down loop. They stopped at a picnic area near the road for water and Cliff bars, hoping to get up enough energy to make the tough climb up to catch the Coyote Ridge trail on the return.

In the end, the took the opportunity to hitch a ride back to the car with some cyclists. Earlier this morning, D had given a cyclist a inner tube who had broken down just beyond the driveway. So it is cyclist pay back day…

Hike/moderate with some good pulls/3.6 miles

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