Getting a paddle in on Lake Chabot

L paddling at Lake Chabot - 1

With temperatures predicted for the 80s, the Adventurers made it a watery adventure today, paddling on Lake Chabot in Castro Valley.

Lake Chabot had been somewhat hiding in plain sight to them until they discovered it on an outing with the kiddos a month or so back. How they had missed it is a bit of a mystery, given that the trails are dog friendly. Maggie tolerates rather than enjoys kayaking, so they left her home today (plus there’s blue green algae bloom that makes the Lake off limits for humans and dogs.)

geese at Lake Chabot - 1

Summer had started at the Lake, but on the water, it was relatively quiet with mainly geese as their companions They explored a couple of coves on the 315 acre lake that were on the other side from where they walked.

It’s a reedy lake in places and they did some exploring to see if they could find where it becomes a stream into Redwood Canyon. They could not.

The only drawback to the day is the long walk from car to put in place and back, but they did it in stages and survived. A perfect way to start warm weather kayaking…

D paddling at Lake Chabot - 1

Paddling/easy/4.2 miles

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1 Response to Getting a paddle in on Lake Chabot

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    Looks lovely, Linda! Thanks for sharing this.

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