On a Mag-free day, it was a return to Edgewood

Edgewood Park Knoll - 1

D and Madrone - 1It was a Maggie grooming day, so the Adventurers hit one of the [many] local parks that don’t allow dogs, Edgewood in Redwood City. (They are baffled why Santa Clara County has many parks where dogs are welcome as do the East Bay Mud District parks. Slimmer pickings in San Mateo Country including most of the Mid-Peninsula Open Space Preserves.)

They were past the wildflower peak that the park is famous for and the once green hills were now solidly brown. But it’s still a good hiking park with alternating open fields and woodland trails. And just enough rollers to make them feel they were getting a good workout.

Along the way, they spotted a couple of deers and dozens and dozens of lizards that would have driven the Mag Dog nuts. Plus one teeny tiny garter snake. It all added up to nice last of spring hike…

Hike/easy-moderate/4 miles

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